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Interview Tips

How to prepare for an interview


Even when you have gone on more interviews than you can remember, interviews never seem to get any easier. With each interview, you are meeting new people and selling yourself and your skills.  It is important to stay upbeat and enthusiastic through it all. This can be a challenge, especially when you're interviewing for a job you would love to get hired for.  We can offer you some tips to make it all feel a little easier and help you prepare yourself.


Things to consider beforehand

  • Why do you want to work for this company? 
  • Do you have the necessary attributes/ qualifications for the position?
  • Is this the right step to further your career?


Be prepared for the questions you may be asked

  • Why are you the right candidate for the role?
  • What makes you stand out next to other applicants?
  • What example can you give where you excelled your employers’ expectations?
  • What is your biggest achievement?
  • Do you have any weaknesses?
  • What makes you a team player?


Be confident

  • Feel good from the start, make sure you are wearing smart attire, including clean/ polished shoes. 
  • Enter the room offering a firm hand shake and make eye contact.
  • Make sure you have researched the company.
  • Know what is in your cv, they will have a copy in front of them, (feel free to take a copy with you).
  • When asked a broad question try to highlight your own skills.
  • Have your own questions ready to ask the employer. 



  • Make sure you know where you are going beforehand.
  • Be on time.
  • Know the name of person you are meeting.


If you would like any further help or guidance please do not hesitate to contact the RStaff team on

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